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What has changed?
There are obviously some other changes made by Google, when it comes to Adsense. I have tried my best to include the most important ones here so that you keep these in mind prior before venturing further.

Overall Adsense Functioning

The overall Adsense functioning of how payouts and positions work has been altered. This has off course made it a little difficult for even marketers like me to take high CPC keywords and make good money off them.

Contextual Targeting Tool

There is something called a "Contextual Targeting Tool" which now is more accurate in showing you which keywords pay well. Prior to the updates, some keywords which actually only paid few cents per click appeared as they pay $2.5 per click. This problem has now been taken care of significantly.

SEO - The most important and comprehensive change

The fact that Google has stressed the extreme importance of quality content when it comes to getting love from their site was reinstated by the last two updates which have shaken the abodes of most marketers. These are the Panda and Penguin updates which had many a guy running helter skelter in order to protect their sites.

A lot of sites lost revenues like crazy due to the Panda update - the most noteworthy example being the well known which too was not spared due to 'innocently' neglecting what Google expected.

As of now - all you need to know is that Google expects quality content and some well compiled On Site framework elements. The reason -Well, because Google places much more trust on sites which are well laid out and not cluttered all over with useless content.

Think of this - if your site has the most eye-catching graphics all over and therefore has a nice long HTML code at its core, but when it comes to the actual meat i.e. content - it is lacking big time (say you have only a few lines of text on each page), how do you not expect Google to see this as a poor quality site.

Now take this a step further and think that coupled with such poor content, you have Ad blocks placed all over. This is as bad as it can get - and if you have been doing this, Google is already packing your briefcases as we speak to send you on a permanent vacation - way beyond the Adsense world :P

Another popular real world example with Google's Panda update was how EZine Articles -one of the most popular article directories was hit due to articles which were first of all very low in quality and had to only satisfy a mere 250 word criteria to get published. Thankfully, EZine was quick to respond and change its standards for getting articles approved which is why it managed to recover.

Acceptable Content

You may be wondering - well, what is acceptable content then? Well formatted content which is strictly original is what Google loves the most. Period.

The days of getting away with stealing content from other's websites and duplicating it without raising a red flag are long gone with the increasing prudence of Google.

To add fuel to fire, there were some oversmart marketers who would even try to feed in content via feeds, in order to make it look like the site is rich in content. This too has resulted in Google sending them down the highway to hell.

I am saying it again - cleanly formatted content with originality is what you should be aiming for. Now when I say quality - please don't misunderstand it as fluency or command over English. If you aren't exactly a fluent English speaker, keep your focus on achieving correct spellings. Beyond that, I'll show you a little further in this course how easy it is to cater to the standards of formatting which Google simply loves!

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