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Your Business Logo
Having a logo will make everything in your business look more professional. Many people get hung up on logos because they want it to look perfect right at the onset. The truth of the matter is that logos can evolve. Look at companies that have been around for decades -Pepsi has gone through numerous logo evolutions, as has other companies such as Motel 6, NBC and many more. So there is no reason that you can not change your logo when you are ready to do so.

There are a few ways you can create a quick logo - you can go to Fiverr or eBay and get one made very cheaply.

Or, you can get your business cards at Vista Print and in their process for selecting a template, they have a logo maker that generates a logo for your card. The logo is not in a format that you can use elsewhere, however you can take a copy of that card that you design (before submitting your order, save the image with the preview of your card) and then on Fiverr, do a search for "vector" and you will find lots of designers that will make a "vector" version of your logo for you for $5. Most of them will ask you what format you want - try to get an AI version, and also ask for them to give you the logo as a transparent PNG and JPG file so that you can use it in a variety of places as you need to.

Another alternative is I can send you a logo in any of the templates that are on the following page - just email me the details of what you want at the address in the footer and I will help coordinate it.

There is no cost for this, it is just something I do for my customers - just contact me and let me know which logo you want, and I can send it over to you with your chosen company name -following are the 5 templates:

Between all of these options, you should be able to produce a logo quickly - just don't get hung up on making it all "perfect" because as I said, you can always "evolve" :)

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