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Your Business Name and Domain Name
The first thing to do is settle on your business name. Don't procrastinate starting your business because you can not decide on a business name. Just make a decision and go with it.

Your business name can be anything that you want, however I recommend that you choose a business name that has the ".com" version of the domain name available. It may take some searching and creativity, however there are still lots of great names out there that have not been registered - and if you use your local area within the name (your city name, county or state), it will be easier to get a good name to get started.

You can see what is available by going to GoDaddy and in the form that is at the middle of the page, check to see if the name is available. The price should be about $12.99 for a one year registration.

Go To Go Daddy

Search different possibilities, such as (if Madison is your city):

You may have some different ideas too - pick something that you like that is available. Once you select a name, register the gmail address (or whatever free email program you like to use) for your business (ie. This is not to give this address away to anyone, it is just an interim address to use until your real email is set up. You can forward this new gmail address to whatever email you check regularly for now and make sure you set up your email program to send from this new address too so that your outgoing email can be from your business name and not your personal email. If you are using Gmail as I recommended, here is how you do that:
(Click on the link that says: I'm a Gmail or Google Apps user sending from an external address.)

Register the domain name once you are decided on it, and just use your personal information for now as you can change this later on, but you can use your new gmail address you set up for your business - you may have to set up an account at GoDaddy (which is free to do) if you do not already have one - just follow the directions on the check out process, and do not purchase any additional items. GoDaddy tried to upsell you left and right - say no thanks to everything and only pay for the cost of your domain for one year, which should be no more than about $13.

You are going to be registering a lot of different accounts in this process, as well as compiling different information that will be needed for your business. I have a 3-ring binder with some blank paper, the kind that has the folders on the side, to hold my initial information for my business - just so everything is in one place. In the binder, I also have sheet protectors, so I can print important emails and insert them in there. Have something like this to start documenting the important information you are setting up for your business - the first thing you need to document in this book that you will need over and over again is your GoDaddy account number (and your password, or keywords that will remind you what your pass is).

Again, do not get hung up on choosing the business name, because a year can go by with you contemplating the name and this is just a form of procrastination. If you feel compelled to do so, you can always start a new business with another name later on that offers different services just move forward with progress and to move forward, you will need to be able to make decisions and commit to them!

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